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    Around Gwangju, Seongnam, Hanam

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    82-31-742-7857, 743-6610

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Mt. Namhan has one of the best mountain hiking trails around Seoul, and is especially famous for its beautiful autumn foliage. It takes about four hours to tour the 8km-long trail that runs along the Sanseong, or fortress, with four gates (east, west, south and north) of Mt. Namhan. As a strategic architecture of the Korean peninsula, the Namhan Sanseong was first built with mud in 672. About four hundred years ago, the current stone fortress was reconstructed. As the second longest fortress in Asia, it has been preserved well and is historically significant. In addition, Haenggungji (temporary palace site), which has recently been discovered, turned out being as large as Suwon Hwaseong. When restoration is completed, you will be able to tour up to Haenggung, the king’s temporary palace.