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    102, Daegongwongwangjang-ro, Gwacheon-si

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Seoul Grand Park

Seoul Grand Park is Korea’s largest zoo (and one of the ten largest in the world) and a botanical garden. The zoo houses over 3,000 animals of 360 species, all of which are kept in as wild an environment as possible by reducing the amount of wire netting and fences. The Park’s must-try ride, the Sky Lift, with a total length of 1.7km, offers a splendid open view of Seoul Grand Park including its reservoir and theme garden.

Business hours: Zoo: Summer season (Mar. - Oct.): 09:00-19:00 / Winter season (Nov. - Feb.): 09:00-18:00  
Fee: Zoo: KRW 5,000 for Adults, KRW 3,000 for Youth, KRW 2,000 for Children / Theme garden (Children’s Zoo & Rose Garden): KRW 2,000 for Adults, KRW 1,500 for Youth, KRW 1,000 for Children / Elephant Train Ticket:  KRW 1,500 for Adults, KRW 1,000 for Youth, KRW 1,000 for Children / Parking fee: KRW 5,000 for Small cars, KRW 10,000 for Large cars