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Theme Park Deokpyeong Dinosaur Museum (Arboretum)


 Deokpyeong Dinosaur Museum (Arboretum)1
 Deokpyeong Dinosaur Museum (Arboretum)2
 Deokpyeong Dinosaur Museum (Arboretum)3
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    282, Jakchon-ro, Jakchon-ri, Majang-myeon, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

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Deokpyeong Dinosaur Museum is located at the foot of Dongmaegisan Mountain where Beombawi Cave can be found. It is a place where more than 3,000 plant species grow along with countless number of oaks, firs, chestnuts, and nut pine trees. Especially in spring and autumn, the place is home to splendid sceneries.


A whole range of plants from several different species of wild flowers to succulent plants, cactuses, and tropical plants can be found there for your visual enjoyment. Set against this backdrop of nature are different kinds of dinosaurs and insects, starting with the Brachiosaurus in the Dodam Pond. The dinosaurs move and roar, and leaving you with something to remember them by.