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Theme Park Young Green House, Pocheon


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그림10Among Korea’s famous cartoons is a cartoon called Geomjeong Gomusin (Black Rubber Shoes). The setting of the cartoon is the late 1960s when Koreans lived poorly yet happily. The cartoon depicts the growing-up stories of brothers Gi-cheol and Gi-young.


Created by brother cartoonists Lee Woo-young and Lee Woo-jin, it was a popular cartoon loved by all generations. The Young Green House offers special experiences as well as a play space under the theme of the cartoon. The house is the birthplace of the two brothers in the cartoon, becoming a space that offers various experiences of black rubber shoes. Visitors will have an opportunity to make tofu personally by turning the millstone with the hands and make five-color herbal candle that lights up the darkness. Let’s visit the house and immerse ourselves in old stories told by Grandfather.