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Theme Park Gyodong Jangdokdae Village(Pocheon)


Gyodong Jangdokdae Village(Pocheon)1
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    148-11, Singyodong-ro, Gwanin-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

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Jangdokdae Village is a typical farming village with beautiful scenery created by Hantangang River and Jijangsan Mountain. Villagers who are farmers love nature. Many city people and foreigners visit the village.

Left: there are a few iron pots and one of them is on the fire. / Right: lots of Jangdokdae(crocks) are well organized.

The upstream of Hantangang River, which passes through Gyodong Jangdokdae Village, has a valley formed by porous basalt that is commonly seen on Jejudo Island, and clean water flows through the valley.

Left: a box of the colorful small rice cakes. / Middle: one making a flower-shaped rice cake. / Right: a square rice cake before making a shape.

Visitors can have a rafting experience that provides electrifying thrills along the stream of Hantangang River, as well as various experiences such as rice clay and rice cake making. The village also offers a full 5-sense three-meals-a-day experience that allows cooking meals personally while staying at the village for one day.