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Sutgol Village1
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    24, Sutgol-gil, Gwanin-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

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Sutgol Village is located in the northernmost part of Pocheon, the northernmost area in Gyeonggi-do. During the Three Kingdoms’ Period when Taejo Wang Geon of the Goryeo kingdom was active, many officials gave up their government positions to escape Gung Ye’s oppressive rule during the post-Baekje Dynasty and lived together in this village outside the castle. Maybe because of that, residents of this village are known to have upright character. Their main business is farming.

Left: a person fishing along at the Hantangang riverside. / Right: a huge greenish farmland

The range of Jijangbong Peak (877m), Hyangnobong Peak, Jongjasan Mountain (643m), and Gonamsa Temple (644m) stretches from north to south around the village. Hantangang River forms a steep valley at an average height of 30m, creating amazing scenic views. Hwajeogyeon Pond, one of the eight sights of Yeongpyeong, is located in Sajeong-ri. It is a perfect tourist site to enjoy Jijangsan Resort and Naengjeon Fishing Place while appreciating surrounding beautiful scenery.

Left: kids trying to cut a bunch of barley. / Middle: children digging out potatoes./ Right: children doing  Rice-planting Experience

Near the village is an accommodation facility with capacity of 200~300 people. The village offers various farming experience events. Visitors can enjoy a typical farming village while appreciating scenery.