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Theme Park Unaksan Recreational Forest


Unaksan Recreational Forest1
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    39, Hwadong-ro 184beon-gil, Hwahyeon-myeon, Pocheon-si

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Unaksan Recreational Forest opened in 2007 at the foot of Unaksan Mountain [936m], which is famous for its beautiful scenery. The forest can accommodate 150~200 visitors daily, and it consists of 3 wards of Forest Cultural Recreation Center, 1 ward of Forest Training Center, and 3 wards of Forest Houses in a community type. In term of accommodation facilities, the operation hours are from 3 pm until noon the next day.

Lots of people enjoying the beautiful autumn leaves.

In addition to the accommodation facilities, there are outdoor classes, multi-purpose sports ground, and picnic ground, in addition to the restored kiln site from the Joseon Dynasty that was discovered at the time of construction of Unaksan Recreational Forest where visitors can enjoy both recreation and historical education.

Both of them are the front views of the pensions in  Unaksan Recreational Forest

At Unaksan Recreational Forest, each tree has a sign, and it is called “Story Tree”; this is an experience program unique to Unaksan Recreational Forest. Visitors can get a tree within the forest upon making an application and leave the story of their tree on the blog. There is a program that offers a visit to the natural trail guided by a forest interpreter twice a day. Visitors can hear descriptions of animals and plants native to Unaksan Mountain. The forest also offers various forest cultural programs such as making necklaces and Sotdae, a pole signifying prayer for a good harvest.