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Heritage Yukjijangsa Temple Stay - Yangju


Yukjijangsa Temple Stay - Yangju1
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    190, Gisan-ro 471beon-gil, Baekseok-eup, Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do

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Yukjijangsa Temple has a long history of a thousand years and three lakes in the forest. Participants can experience the effect of “phytoncide” from the forest and “negative ion” and “far-infrared radiation” emitted from jade stones in the temple even for a short time. Yukjijangsa Temple stay offers programs through which participants can experience the health vision of the mountain temple that has been transmitted over the past 1,700 years.

A front view of the spacious ground and a main temple of Yukjijangsa Temple

Health experience type

Simply enjoying comfortable rest is not genuine rest. Genuine rest comes by blocking worldly desires or worries that give stress, letting go of doubts, or deserting self-pride and stupidity. By taking that kind of rest, you can engage in normal activities and prevent all kinds of diseases. Yukjijangsa’s health experience-type temple stay offers a way to throw away obsession that causes stressed-out mind and body and to recharge with energy through genuine rest. Most of all, participants can experience a feeling of happiness when serotonin, a happy substance, is activated through the health experience-type programs.

Left: participants bowing each other in a circle. / Right: Participants of temple stay meditating sitting on the floor in a temple.

Major Programs 108-bowing meditation
for self-discipline, moxibustion/ warm germanium ball experience


- Fasting-type


This fasting program is the mountain temple’s diet program under the temple’s health vision transmitted over the past 1,700 years. It consists of meditation, Yukjijangsa tea, and medicinal stone/ moxibustion.


Major Programs Meditation/Yukjijangsa tea, 108 bowing, germanium/moxibustion experience, jade corridor walking meditation, walking meditation


- Rest type


After the temple’s regular Buddhist service and eating time, participants get to have some free time.


Major Programs Dawn Buddhist service, 108-bowing meditation, tea time with monks (upon request)


- Successful leadership


This program is for group participants from businesses and students. It can be customized to the characteristics of each group by adjusting programs, such as the time of meetings or seminars.


Temple stay will provide an opportunity to increase awareness of strengthening mentality, efficiency of work, and communal sensibility.


Have an opportunity to feel and learn about nature and recharge yourself through the temple stay.