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Heritage Yongyeonseowon Confucian Academy (Pocheon)


Yongyeonseowon Confucian Academy (Pocheon)1
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    1-13, Sinpyeong-ro 72beon-gil, Sinbuk-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

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Yongyeonseowon Confucian Academy was designated as Gyeonggi-do Tangible Cultural Heritage No. 70 on August 27, 1976. In 1691 (17th year of the reign of King Sukjong of Joseon), the academy was built by Confucian scholars such as Yi Sa-sang in order to commemorate the academic accomplishment and virtue of Yi Deok-hyeong and Jo Gyeong who lived the life of a hermit during the late period of their life.

A front view of the Yongyeonseowon Confucian Academy with a spiked red gate at the entrance.

In 1692, the academy received the signboard “Yongyeon” from the king, and it has become an influential base of Southerners, a political faction of the Joseon Dynasty, in the Gyeonggi-do provincial area. Thanks to Yi Deok-hyeong’s meritorious service during the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592, the academy survived Regent Daewongun’s decree of abolishing Confucian academies in 1868 (5th year of the reign of King Gojong of Joseon).

Left: an interior of the hall of Yongyeonseowon Confucian Academy where there are chairs, carpets, etc. / Middle: the tiled roofs covered with white snow. / Right: an open view of the entire Yongyeonseowon Confucian Academy covered with white snow.

The buildings within the precinct include a shrine and a lecture hall as well as dongjae and seojae dormitories. After a big fire during the Korean War, only the shrine and lecture hall remain. The shrine has memorial tablets of Yi Deok-hyeong and Jo Gyeong. The shrine is made of wood with a gable roof, and rituals are held there every spring and autumn.