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Heritage Maesanseowon Confucian Academy


Maesanseowon Confucian Academy1
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    94-8, Neungseo-ro, Neungseo-myeon, Yeoju-si, Gyeonggi-do

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This Confucian academy was built in Gangseong-hyeon (present-day Sancheong), the birthplace of Mun Ik-jeom, based on a suggestion by Yang Seong-ji in 1456 (2nd year of King Sejo’s reign) concerning the feat of introduction of cotton seeds into the country from the Yuan Dynasty of China, which strictly prohibited taking the seeds out of the country. Later, the mortuary tablet of Yi Saek (pen-name: Mogeun), a close friend of Mun, also came to be kept at the place.

Left: a lecture hall in the  Maesanseowon Confucian Academy/ Right: a front view of the indoor ground of Maesanseowon Confucian Academy.  

During the invasion of Joseon by the Qing Dynasty of China in 1636-1637, Mun Gyeom, a descendant, relocated the building to its current in Yeoju. In 1868, it was closed along with other private schools due to the decree of Heungseon Daewongun (the Regent who ruled the country on behalf of the young King Gojong) ordering the closing of all private schools in 1864. In 1952, it was restored after Mun Gwang-gyu, a descendant, was sworn in as the local police chief. The building was rebuilt in 1987. They hold a sacrificial rite twice a year.