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  • Birthplace of Empress Myeongseong (Queen Min) (명성황후 생가)

    This is the house where Empress Myeongseong (Joseon Period) was born, and lived until she was eight years old. She would grow up to be the wife of the dynasty’s 26th ruler, King Gojong. The birthplace and th...

    [] 경기도 Yeoju-si

  • Chi-ong Art Center (취옹예술관)

    Chi-ong Art Hall is a cultural complex center, established to support local artists and citizens’ various artworks. They operate schools that offer a variety of cultural programs such as making of earthenwar...

    [] 경기도 Gapyeong-gun

  • Namiseom Zip Wire (남이섬 짚와이어)

    Namiseom Zip Wire is an eco-friendly leisure facility established by Gapyeong County Office in partnership with Gyeonggi Tourism Organization and Namiseom Inc. It is one of the biggest zipline facilities in ...

    [] 경기도 Gapyeong-gun

  • Gapyeong Hyunam Agricultural Heritage Museum (가평현암농경유물박물관)

    Situated in Buk-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, Gapyeong Hyunam Agricultual Heritage Museum was established by Gyeonggi-do Gapyeong Office of Education. It is situated inside of Gapyeongbuk Middle School, ...

    [] 경기도 Gapyeong-gun

  • Gapyeong Rail Park (가평레일파크)

    The rail bike tour departing from the Gapyeong Rail Park follows a trail of Gapyeongcheon Stream Iron Bridge - Bukhanggang Iron Bridge - Zelkova Tree Tunnel, and finally back to the Gapyeong Rail Park. This ...

    [] 경기도 Gapyeong-gun

  • Sangseung Observation Post and No. 1 Tunnel (상승OP, 제1땅굴)

    The Sangseung Observation Post (상승OP) operates as a forward OP monitoring North Korean activities (currently Biryong Camp is in charge of the operation). Soldiers manning the post are on alert 24 hours a d...

    [] 경기도 Yeoncheon-gun

  • Typhoon Observatory (태풍전망대)

    Typhoon Observatory was built on December 3, 1991 by Invincible Typhoon Korean Army. The observatory is situated on the highest peak, Suribong Peak, in Bikkisan Mountain. It is located 65km and 140 km from S...

    [] 경기도 Yeoncheon-gun

  • Key Observatory (열쇠전망대)

    Called to play the role of an important key for unification, Key Observatory was established on April 11, 1998 to commemorate the sorrow of homesickness and provide security education in the area of Dapgok-r...

    [] 경기도 Yeoncheon-gun

  • Godaesan Mountain (고대산)

    Godaesan Mountain (832 meters) is located next to Sintalli Station, which is the railroad disconnection point of the Gyeongwon Line. It is also on the way to Geumgangsan Mountain. Godaesan is ideal for mo...

    [] 경기도 Yeoncheon-gun

  • Olleung [UNESCO World Heritage] (양주 온릉 [유네스코 세계문화유산])

    In order to preserve it, Olleung (온릉) tomb is not open to the public. This is the royal tomb of Queen Dangyeong (1487-1557), consort of King Jungjong, the 11th ruler of the Joseon Dynasty. Queen Dan...

    [] 경기도 Yangju-si

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