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  • Homeo (호메오)

    Homeo offers customers unique furniture and accessories showcased in a cozy setting. A cafe is decorated with a variety of vintage, European style furniture and interior accessories. Homeo is simply a great ...

    [] 경기도 Paju-si

  • Yongmunsan Resort (용문산 관광지)

    Yongmunsan Mountain in Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi-do, is comprised of Doilbong Peak, Baegunbong Peak, and other peaks. The resort shares the area with various cultural relics such as Yongmunsa Temple; Yongmunsa Te...

    [] 경기도 Yangpyeong-gun

  • Yeoju Ceramic Festival (여주 도자기축제)

    Yeoju Ceramic Festival is held every year to promote and develop the Yeoju ceramic industry and raise the level of awareness for Yeoju ceramics.

    [] 경기도 Yeoju-si

  • International Horticulture Goyang Korea (고양 국제꽃박람회)

    First held in 1997, International Horticulture Goyang Korea, an international flower exhibition, has attracted over 6.2 million visitors so far. The event is considered to be Korea’s representative internati...

    [] 경기도 Goyang-si

  • Ilsan Lake Park (일산호수공원)

    Ilsan Lake Park spans over 991,800 square meters, making it one of the largest man-made parks in Asia. The large fresh water lake is well-managed to remain clean. The park is equipped with convenient facilit...

    [] 경기도 Goyang-si

  • Yeongneung & Nyeongneung Royal Tombs [UNESCO World Heritage] (여주 영릉(英陵)과 영릉(寧陵))

    Yeongneung (영릉) is the joint tomb of the 4th ruler of the Joseon Dynasty, King Sejong (1397-1450, reign 1418-1450) and his wife Queen Soheon (1395-1446). This was the first joint royal tomb of the J...

    [] 경기도 Yeoju-si

  • Gapyeong Ewhawon Nabi Story (가평 이화원 나비스토리)

    Located on Jaraseom Island, Gapyeong Ewhawon Garden was renewed in 2015, spanning over an area of 10,000 pyeong with a 330 pyeong butterfly ecology center, the largest butterfly park in the world. The park o...

    [] 경기도 Gapyeong-gun

  • Taepyeongmu Initiation Hall (태평무 전수관)

    Gang Seonyeong, who devoted a lifetime to traditional dance, built the Taepyeongmu Initiation Hall (태평무 전수관) at her own expense in 1998 in her hometown of Anseong for the proper initiation into, an...

    [] 경기도 Anseong-si

  • The Stay [Korea Quality] (더 스테이 [한국관광품질인증])

    Located in Gapyeong-gun, The Stay is within close proximity to the Bukhangang River as well as near Namiseom Island and Jaraseom Island. Gapyeong Station and Gapyeong Bus Terminal are also conveniently locat...

    [] 경기도 Gapyeong-gun

  • Haengjusanseong Fortress (행주산성)

    Haengjusanseong Fortress (historic site no. 56) atop Deogyangsan Mountain was the site of a major Korean victory against the enemy during the Japanese invasion 400 years ago. Women also participated in the d...

    [] 경기도 Goyang-si

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