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Terms and Condition

Gyeonggi Tourism Unified online website

Regulates the rights and duty between the site and the member, the responsibility and member service using process with the terms and conditions.

Chapter 1 [Purpose]

This Terms and Conditions is to define the purpose of Gyeonggi Tourism Organization GTO’s Internet related service Service usage of www.ggtour.or.kr website and the user’s rights and responsibility.

Chapter 2 [Definition]

① “User” is defined as a member who connects to the “Integrated System” and receives the service provided by the “Integrated System”

②  “Member” is defined as a person who provided personal information to the “Integrated System,” who gets accommodated “Integrated System’s information continuously, and use the service by the “Integrated System” unceasingly.

Chapter 3 [Manifestation of Clause and Amendment]

① “www.ggtour.or.kr website” will post the content of the Terms and Conditions,Contact Number (Phone number, e-mail address etc) for the users on the beginning service screen front page. However, the content of the terms and condition will be accessible when the user clicks on the connected page.

② “www.ggtour.or.kr website” can amend the Terms and Conditions that does not go against the realms of the Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act, Framework Act on Electronic Commerce, Digital Signature Act, Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization, Door to Door Sales Act, Consumer Protection Act and etc.

③ When Terms and Conditions are amended; “www.ggtour.or.kr website” will state the effective date and the reason for rectification with the current clause on the front page for 7 days before the effective day until the day before the effective date.

④ when “www.ggtour.or.kr website” is to revise the term, the revised term of the agreement is applied only to contracts signed after the effective date and for contracts that were previously concluded the terms of agreement before the revision will apply.
However, if a user with contracts before the contract amendment wishes to apply the amended terms of provision, they may send this aspiration to the “www.ggtour.or.kr website” within Article 3 of revised terms of the notice period “www.ggtour.or.kr website” consent in order to be applied.

Chapter 4 [providing Service and revision]

 “www.ggtour.or.kr website” will execute the following tasks.

1. Providing tourism information for traveling to Gyeonggi-do

2. Seoanal or monthly updating for festivals or events in Gyeonggi-do

3. Other tasks selected by “www.ggtour.or.kr website”

Chapter 5 [Service Discontinuance]

① “www.ggtour.or.kr website”, can temporarily discontinue its service in situations where computer, communications and information equipment needs checkup, replacement, maintenance, equipment failure, and discontinued communication.

② Service interruption made in accordance with Article 1 the “www.ggtour.or.kr website” will acknowledge the users in methods stipulated in Article 8.

③ “www.ggtour.or.kr website” is to compensate the users or 3rd party damage due to service interruption accordance with Article 1. However, the “www.ggtour.or.kr website” is not liable if it was not intentional or negligent.

Chapter 6 [Applying for Membership]

① User applies for membership based on the registration form selected by “www.ggtour.or.kr website” entering membership information and agreeing on this terms and condition.

② “www.ggtour.or.kr website” register users who applied for membership made in accordance with Article 1 and do not correspond to the following articles.

1. Cases of applicants who have previously lost membership accordance to Chapter 7 Article 3, however had 3 years time elapse of the loss of membership accordance to Chapter 7 Article 3 and have consent of “www.ggtour.or.kr website” to rejoin is considered as an exception.
2. Cases of false registration information, missing information, mis-registration
3. Cases of registering as other member is interpreted as technical significant difficulty for “www.ggtour.or.kr website.”

③ Applied Membership contract is considered finalized when acceptance of the “www.ggtour.or.kr website” reaches the member.

④ Accordance to Article 15 section 1, if members registered information is changed, if any, members must notify the changes immediately e-mail or other methods to “www.ggtour.or.kr website”.

Chapter 7 [Membership Withdraw & Disqualification]

① Members can request “www.ggtour.or.kr website” a withdrawal at anytime, and “www.ggtour.or.kr website” administers the withdrawal immediately.

② When “www.ggtour.or.kr website” discontinues, limits membership, and the same activity happen more than 2 times or if the action is not corrected within 30 days, “www.ggtour.or.kr website” may foreclose the membership.

 ③ In case of “www.ggtour.or.kr website” were to deny the member qualification, it will forfeit the membership. In this situation, we notify the member and before the forfeit of the membership, concede grant an opportunity to appeal.

Chapter 8 [Personal Information Protection]

① “www.ggtour.or.kr website” collects minimum information of the users required to fulfill the purchase contract.
The following item is required, and the rest is optional.

1. Name
2. Social Security Number (for Members)
3. Address
4. Contact Number
5. Desired ID (for Members)
6. Password (for Members)

② When “www.ggtour.or.kr website” collects user’s personal information that could identify each individual, they must receive the consent of the users.

③ The personal information provided cannot be provided without the consent of the user other than the purposed usage or to a 3rd party, and “www.ggtour.or.kr website” takes full responsibility. However, the following is an exception.

– Providing personal information for Statistics, academic research or market researches where specific individuals cannot be identify.

④ If “www.ggtour.or.kr website” needs the users consent accordance to Article 2 and Article 3, it must mention Personal information manager (department, name and contact number and other contact information), the purpose of collection and usage of information, providing information to 3rd party (provider, the purpose of providing, the content of the provided information) from Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and information Protection, etc. Chapter 16 Article 3 and the user can withdraw this consent any time.

⑤ Users may request to view and correct errors of the user’s personal information  without delay. When users request a correction of errors, “Integrated System” will not use the personal information until the inaccuracy is corrected.

⑥ In order to protect personal information, “Integrated System” confines managers and minimize the number of them and in cases of damage due to loss, theft, disclosure, and altered user’s personal information including credit cards, bank account we take full responsibility.

⑦ When purpose of collecting personal information or purpose of collection is fulfilled the personal information is immediately destroyed without delay.

Chapter 16 [Responsibility of “Integrated System”]

① “Integrated System,” will not act against the law, the Terms and Conditions or against good public order and customs and it is determined provide a continuous and stable goods and / or services accordance to this Terms and Conditions.

② “Integrated System” must be equipped with a security system for users personal information (including credit information) so that the user can safely use the Internet service.

③ “Integrated System” do not dispatch any unsolicited commercial advertisement e-mail to users.

Chapter 17 [Responsibility for members ID & password]

① Except for Chapter 15,the responsibility of managing ID and password is to the member.

② Members must not let a 3rd party use their ID and password.

③ If member recognizes their ID and password being stolen or 3rd party using it, they must notify the “Integrated System” immediately and if there are instructions by the “Integrated System,” members must follow it.

Chapter 18 [Responsibility of Users]

Users must not do the following action.

1. Registration of false information when applying or modifying
2. Modification of “Integrated System” posted information
3 Transmitting or posting information other than the selected information by “Integrated System” (computer programs, etc.)
4. Violation of “Integrated System” Other 3rd party copyright infringement and intellectual property
5. Libel of 3rd party or interference with business activity of “Integrated System”
6. Exposing or publishing information against good public order and customs such as pornographic or violent messages, visuals, voice messages and others
7. Unlawful action that goes against Minor Protection Law such as Users under the age of 19 lodging

Chapter 19 [relationship between connect “Integrated System” and connected “Integrated System”]

① High rank “Integrated System” and low rank “Integrated System” is connected as a hyper link, the previous is considered connect “Integrated System” (website) and the latter the connected “Integrated System” (website)

② If connect “Integrated System” mentions on its site that Connect “Integrated System” does not have any assurance responsibility for unilaterally provided goods and service trade with users by connected “Integrated System” to provide its goods and services.

Chapter 20 [Resided Copyright & User Limitation]

① “Integrated System” submitted work considered copyright and other intellectual property rights belong to the “Integrated System”.

② Users may not utilize the information gain by using the “Integrated System” without prior consent of “Integrated System” and reproduce, transmit, publicize, distribute, broadcast, or any other method used for commercial purpose or allow a 3rd party to use it.

Chapter 21 [Conflict Resolution]

① “Integrated System” constitutes govern a compensation processing organization to reflect the users legitimate opinions or complaints and to compensate the damages.

② Opinions and complaints of users of “Integrated System” are prioritized. However, if difficult for an immediate clarification, immediately notify the user the reason and the date of the possible correction.

③ Conflict between “Integrated System” and the users can follow Chapter 28 of Framework Act on Electronic Commerce and intercession of the Electronic Commerce Dispute Settlement Body established according to Chapter 15 of the enforcement decree.

Chapter 22 [Jurisdiction & Governing Law]

① the electronic commerce dispute related litigation between the “Integrated System” and the users would be filed competent court.

② In cases of e-commerce lawsuit between users of “Integrated System”, Korean law is applied

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