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Course 1
Imjingak & Bridge of Freedom

The DMZ (Demilitarized zone) of Korea was established in accordance with "the Armistice Agreement about military truce of Korea (1953)”. The DMZ, a neutral zone, has evolved to become the home of an untouched ecosystem. The DMZ is gaining great attention from all over the world as an international ecosystem conservation area and home to a variety of endangered species of plants and animals.
5 min walk
Imjingak Pyeonghwa-Nuri Park
5 min walk
Bridge of Freedom
5 min walk
Dora Observatory
Get to Imjingak Imjingak Imjingak Pyeonghwa-Nuri Park Bridge of Freedom Dora Observatory Return to Seoul
From Dora Observatory: Dora Observatory → Seoul Station (1 hr 30 mins)
※ The final destination has been determined following the quickest route.
From Dora Observatory: Dora Observatory → Seoul Station
Route Cost Other
  Dora Observatory
Walk to Imjingang Station (~10 mins)
- - Information for commuter train from Munsan to Imjingang Operating Hours: 09:26, 11:06, 12:36, 14:36, 15:36, 18:36 No trains on Mondays. Separate ticket is required.
Imjingang Station
Take commuting train to Munsan (~10 mins)
KRW 1,000
Gyeongui Line Munsan Station
Take Gyeongui line and get off after 19 stops (~1 h 10 mins)
Cash: KRW 1,850
T-money Card: KRW 1,750
Tourist Information Center
- DMZ Imjingang Tourist Information Center (Ticket office) +82-31-940-8369
- Imjingak Tourist Information Center +82-31-953-4744

◎ DMZ Tour Agency
- DMZ Tour Korea http://www.dmztourkorea.com (Korean/English/Japanese)
- Cosmojin Tour http://www.cosmojin.com (Korean/English/Chinese/Japanese)
- Jiansu Tour http://www.jstour.com (English/Chinese/Spanish)
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