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the Korean Folk Village

Course 1
Korean Folk Village & Nam June Paik Art Center

When looking closely into our lives, there is nothing that is not somehow related to our ancestors. Traditional culture is not merely the past but is deeply enmeshed in the present as well. This tour, from the Korean Folk Village to the Nam June Paik Art Center, brings visitors Into a new world of art and daily living.
Korean Folk Village
15 min by bus
Nam June Paik Art Center
Get to the Korean Folk Village Korean Folk Village Nam June Paik Art Center Return to Seoul
From the Korean Folk Village to the Nam June Paik Art Center (17 mins)
From the Korean Folk Village to the Nam June Paik Art Center
Route Cost Other
  Nagok Village•Korean Folk Village Bus Stop
Take bus No. 54 and get off after 9 stops (~15 mins)
Cash: KRW 1,000
T-money Card: KRW 900
- Information for bus No. 54
First bus: 06:50, Last bus: 20:00; Intervals: 30 mins (based on the last stop)
Singal High School
Cross the bus stop and walk to NJP Art Center (~2 mins)
Nam June Paik Art Center

Nam June Paik Art Center, the World Renowned Video Artist

Before Psy got the world dancing to his "Gangnam Style" music video, Nam June Paik (1932~2006) produced the music videos of the Beatles 40 years before. Nam June Paik is also known as the creator of video art and the Michelangelo of video art. The Nam June Paik Art Center was established to pay tribute to his work and artistic spirit. The Center houses 67 works and around 2,000 video archives. It is indeed the cluster of the art world of Nam June Paik. The "TV Garden", a must-see destination, where visitors will find his masterpieces including "The Moon is the Oldest TV", "TV-Buddha" and "TV Garden".

- Hours: Closed every 2nd & 4th Monday of the month
Nam June Paik Art Center Information
Mar~Jun, Sept~Nov Sun~Fri 10:00~18:00, Saturdays 10:00~19:00
Jul~Aug 10:00~19:00
Dec~Feb 10:00~18:00

- Admission: Adult KRW 4,000, Youth/Child KRW 2,000, Under 7/Over 65 Free
- Tel: +82-31-201-8500
- Website
   http://www.njpartcenter.kr (Korean)
   http://old.njpartcenter.kr/en/ (English)

Must eat
Hide Park
Hide Park is a café & restaurant serving pasta and pizza run by the Zien Art Space, a gallery that exhibits ceramics. Visit the gallery and participate in hands-on activities after a delicious meal.
- Best menu items
   Café: Nokcha bingsu (shaved ice with green tea) KRW 14,000, Honey bread set KRW 9,000~12,000
   Restaurant: Alfredo KRW 17,000, Lunch course KRW 25,000~36,000
- Hours: Café: 12:00~00:00 / Restaurant 11:30~22:00 / Gallery: 10:00~20:00
- Location: Paiknamjune-ro 7, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do
- Tel: Café +82-31-286-85837 / Restaurant +82-31-286-8584 / Gallery +82-31-286-8500
- Website
   Café & Restaurant http://www.hidepark.co.kr (Korean)
   Gallery http://www.zienart.com/kr/ (Korean)
   http://www.zienart.com/en/ (English)
   http://www.zienart.com/jp/ (Japanese)
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