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Everland Resort & Ho-Am Art Museum

Yongin is home to 10 museums including Gyeonggi Provincial Museum, 6 art museums, and 4 resorts. The city is especially well-known for Everland Resort, one of the leading theme parks in Korea, and the Korean Folk Village, where many historic dramas are filmed. For these reasons, Yongin attracts many foreigners.
Everland Resort
10 min by shuttle
Ho-Am Art Museum
Get to Everland Resort Everland Resort Ho-Am Art Museum Return to Seoul
From Everland Resort to Ho-Am Art Museum (10 mins)
From Everland Resort to Ho-Am Art Museum (10 mins)
&nbsp Everland Main Gate Shuttle Bus Stop Move to Ho-Am Art Museum by shuttle (~5-10 mins) - Information for shuttle From Everland Resort: 09:00~17:00 Departs on time
Ho-Am Art Museum
Ho-Am Art Museum, with Several Collections of National Treasures
The Ho-Am Art Museum, along with Everland Resort, is operated under the umbrella of the Samsung Group. The museum displays around 16,000 cultural assets and artwork that were collected at home and abroad by Lee Byeongchul, the founder of Samsung Group. Around 100 pieces from the collections are designated National Treasures and Treasures. Hee Won Garden, a traditional Korean garden located in front of the museum, is comprised of hanok buildings, a pond, pavilions, and floral walls. The pathway between Hoam Lake, Everland, and Ho-Am Art Museum is one of the best places to see full-blossomed flowers in the spring as designated by the Gyeonggi Tourism Organization.

- Hours: 10:00~18:00 (Closed on Mondays, Jan. 1, and holidays) - Tel: +82-31-320-1801~2 - Website http://hoam.samsungfoundation.org (Korean) http://hoam.samsungfoundation.org/eng/html/main/index.asp (English)   Must eat
Hyangsusan Garden Hyangsusan specializes in galbi (ribs) and is named after Hyangsusan Mountain, the mountain that surrounds Everland and Ho-Am Art Museum. Best menu items are the sweet and sour sutbul yangnyeom galbi (charcoal grilled marinated beef ribs) and dwaeji galbi (spareribs). The restaurant uses only oak wood charcoal, which adds to the flavor of the galbi. A Naengmyeon dish (cold buckwheat noodles) to follow the galbi is only KRW 4,000 extra. - Best menu items: Sutbul yangnyeom galbi (charcoal grilled marinated beef ribs) KRW 25,000, Yangnyeom dwaeji galbi (marinated spareribs) KRW 12,000, Nangmyeon (cold buckwheat noodles) KRW 6,000. - Hours: 11:00~22:00 - Location: Seongsan-ro 650, Pogok-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do - Tel: +82-31-322-3663 - Website: http://perfume.the-admarket.com (Korean)
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