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Privacy Policy

“Gyeonggi Tourism Organization [GTO] protects users’ personal information according to constitution of the Republic of Korea” Gyeonggi Tourism Organization abides to the Act on Promotion of Information & Communication Network Utilization and personal information Protection guideline by Ministry of Information & Communication. Due to some threat of unlawful use of personal privacy and to protect each member’s personal information actively, Gyeonggi Tourism Organization applies to the following personal privacy policies. Gyeonggi Tourism Organization Personal Privacy policy is opened to everyone and we invite users to share any inquires.

[Collecting Personal Information]

1. Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information

Gyeonggi Tourism Organization’s purpose of collecting personal information from members is to identify and provide a various wide-range service possible. The personal information collected for this purpose enables us to provide a fast and accurate delivery and the overall statistics permits high quality service of each individual members liking.

2. Range of Personal Information Collected

Gyeonggi Tourism Organization asks its members to provide only the most basic personal information minimally required for its service delivery and personal information that could violate basic human rights such as religion, place of birth, criminal record, and sex life is not collected without the member’s permission.

3. Personal Information item and collecting method

General users may use most of the service without any personal information exposure. However we may ask for optional collection of personal information such as address, postal code, and contact number for its prize vouchers or souvenir forwarding checking process. Please be assured that the information provided to Gyeonggi Tourism Organization will not be used for any other purposes, except for the provision of the corresponding services or the purposes specified to you beforehand.

4. Exceptions to User Agreement

The Gyeonggi Tourism Organization Internet website collects required personal information using methods such as signature & seal, Digital Signature, email, clicking on. However, this is not applicable in the following cases:

① Comply with Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and information Protection or other legal process with special condition.
② Implement the Gyeonggi Tourism Organization Terms of Service usage
③ Information needed pertaining charge for billing service

5.Personal Information consignment agreement

In cases of Gyeonggi Tourism Organization will ask for permission in cases of sharing personal information to third parties. There will be set conditions through consignment agreement on Service provider’s abidance on Personal Information protection related instruction, prohibition of disclosure of information, prohibition to offer information to 3rd party as well as liability in cases of an accident and keep the record of the contractual terms of conditions.

[Personal information security management]

1. When personal information is provided to a 3rd party

Gyeonggi Tourism Organization does not use the user personal information without permission or provided it to a 3rd party. However, this is not applicable in the following cases:

① In cases of special condition in Act on Real Name Financial Transactions and Guarantee of Secrecy, Use and Protection of Credit Information Act, Telecommunications Business Act, Local Tax Act, Consumer Protection Act, Bank of Korea Act, Criminal Procedure Act and other applicable law (We inform in these cases, the user will be individually notified, asked for their agreement, and each user may refuse the exceeding use of the announcement, specified range practiced or providing it to a 3rd party)
② in cases of billing due to services fulfillment
③ In cases of Statistic report, academic research or market research when the information is provided in ways where individuals are indiscernible
④ When business affiliated partner or annexed service providing informant obtains the users agreement
⑤ When Terms and Conditions violator or intentional and unintentional perpetrator needs to be identified and get in touch with.
⑥ users agreement for enhancement of quality for Other service

2. Personal information retaining period and access period

Gyeonggi Tourism Organization retains User’s personal information from starting member subscription until closing the account Though access period and the retaining period are identical, when purpose of collection is accomplished, the personal information is destroyed. This is likewise to a 3rd party required by law from Gyeonggi Tourism Organization. However, this is not applicable in the following cases:

① Due to statutes such as commercial law there is a necessity to preserve information.
② inform users about Retaining period and when that retaining period has not passed
③ individually received users agreement

3. Personal information protection Plan

Gyeonggi Tourism Organization user information is protected with a user ID and a systematically encoded password. For this reason user information can be directly managed personally only. Personal information is accessible only by logging in with the member’s ID and password, and Gyeonggi Tourism Organization never asks through any methods such as email, phone contact, therefore members are recommended to change the password occasionally for security purpose. Each individual are the only person who can edit the information, since the system is created to change information through the direct personal identification process. Even insiders of Gyeonggi Tourism Organization cannot recognize the password as it is encrypted and stored in the system. However, data transmission is not 100 percent secure, subsequently there is no perfect assurance over Internet bulletin board or e-mail where personal information is revealed to the public. Log out after using the website, and in situations where you are sharing a computer or using the computer in a public place, please try to close your Web browser to prevent the leakage of personal information.

4. Underage personal information Privacy

Current laws states when sending personal information of children under the age of 14 to others online, you must be fully aware of the collection, usage purpose of personal information and have the consent of the legal representative. Therefore in children under the age of 14 sign up as a member, Gyeonggi Tourism Organization determines the consent of the parents as a mandatory.

5. Management Measures

To protect the user’s personal information, Gyeonggi Tourism Organization trains employees with relevant instruction and employees in personal information management system who handle personal information due to the content of business do not provide, reveal the personal information to others. In addition, we prepare appropriate procedures to audit results, to implement policy and set forth the employee’s compliance with relevant audit information. And if we find requests to improve operational visibility or corrections for violation through auditing results, we are committed to take appropriate actions to correct or improve each problem necessary.

6. use of the “Cookie”

In order to provide valuable and appropriate service, Gyeonggi Tourism Organization finds member’s ID related information when members use Gyeonggi Tourism Organization’s service using cookies. A “cookie” is a small file no more than 4KB containing a string of characters that is sent to your computer when you visit a website and stored on the user’s computer hard drive. Cookie can be called up and save as needed, consequently, it enables appropriate service that is catered to the users environment. The size & frequency of users, affinity, and visiting path can be estimated, furthermore, based on the user’s interest it is used to provide more relevant ads and services. About cookie, please see the following cases.

① When you register as a member and log in for the first time, cookie is settled into determine current login status setting and deleted when you log out.
We did encountered situations where the member’s ID & password was recognized for the convenience of member, however we recommend you not to do so for password external leakage concerns.
② Gyeonggi Tourism Organization uses cookies to set user preferences, etc.
We store the personal search setting and use this information to provide a user-friendly search environment.
③ Gyeonggi Tourism Organization uses cookies to locate the users’ action patterns.
This information can be used for target ads based on the information.
④ Cookie is used for Gyeonggi Tourism Organization hosted promotional events, quizzes and it is used to verify personal information, frequency of participation or to determine the winner.
⑤ Cookie is also utilized to measure user’s visiting pattern, and general visitor pattern.
By collecting information about users’ tendency or usage provides us the basis for a better service. This information is also utilized in banners and promotional events to be instructive for the users.
⑥ Gyeonggi Tourism Organization may use a cookie on banner advertisements.
Also, we may collect users’ IP addresses for system management and advertisers to provide aggregated statistics.

[User Management]

1. Personal info agreement revocation

After agreeing on your personal information arrangement, you can enter the user ID and password to withdraw your consent in the future. If so, Gyeonggi Tourism Organization verifies personal information and complies with the request.

2. Personal Information Inspection & correction

If users desire to view of personal information and make corrections, they may access Gyeonggi Tourism Organization homepage with the User ID and password, and request to view personal information as well as make corrections. In this case, Gyeonggi Tourism Organization will make the correction and notify the users.

3. Personal Information Management Department & Contact Number

If you believe that Gyeonggi Tourism Organization is not performing the personal information protection policies mentioned above, please e-mail or telephone the Privacy Officer. We are happy to solve any personal information related user objection any time.

Attention: Privacy Manager Gyeonggi Tourism Organization Online TF
Contact Number: 031-259-4700
Email: info@gto.or.kr

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