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Yeoju Dojasesang

Yeoju Dojasesang
Eva’s recommendation – “Yeoju Dojasesang”
“Everyone knows that, when talking about the cultural heritage of Korea, one thing you simply can’t leave out is pottery. For real though, Korean ceramics have a beauty different from that of China, Japan, and England. The simple, moderate lines and the elegance and grace you never get tired of looking at — it’s the best! How about making your own ceramic pot in Yeoju Dojasesang, where you can look at all the pottery you want and experience making them yourself?”
Yeoju DojasesangYeoju Dojasesang
Travel Information
Yeoju Dojasesang
Address: 7, Silleuksa-gil, Yeoju-si, Gyeonggi-do
Inquiries: 031-884-8644
Business hours: Summer season 10 a.m.-7 p.m. / Winter season 9:30 a.m.-6 p.m.
Closed on: Open all year round
Fee: Free
Website: www.dojasesang.com (Korean·English·Japan·Chinese language support)
* Biennale Fee applies during the biennale period
* VISA·MASTER card payment available

http://ggtour.or.kr/blog/famous100/여주도자세상/ (Korean)
http://en.ggtour.or.kr/ggt-attraction/yeoju-dojasesang/ (English)
http://cn.ggtour.or.kr/ggt-attraction/骊州世界生活陶瓷馆/ (Chinese)

Public Transportation
Subway (Myeongdong Station -> Dojasesang │ Total of 2 hours 18 minutes) *****Added: Gyeonggang Line Transfer
Take Line 4 at Myeongdong Station, transfer to Line 3 at Chungmuro Station (Approx. 5 minutes | 1 station)
Take Line 3 at Chungmuro Station, transfer to Sinbundang Line at Yangjae Station (Approx. 27 minutes | 11 stations)
Take Sinbundang Line at Yangjae Station, transfer to Gyeonggang Line at Pangyo Station (Approx. 20 minutes | 3 stations)
Take Gyeonggang Line at Pangyo Station, get off at Yeoju Station Exit 1 (Approx. 1 hour 1 minute | 10 stations)
Take Bus 903 at Yeoju Station Bus Stop (42795), get off at Dongjin Wedding Hall Bus Stop (42845) (Approx. 16 minutes | 7 stops)
Walk toward Yeoju Dojasesang (Approx. 9 minutes | Approx. 583m)
*Fare: One-way KRW 3,350
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