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Kimchi Theme Park in Bucheon

Kimchi Theme Park in Bucheon
Eva’s recommendation – Kimchi Theme Park in Bucheon
“Kimchi is the kind of food that you might have hesitations about at first because of the spicy taste and particular smell, but after a few tries, you find yourself thinking about it again and again. It’s also an important medium for understanding Korean culture and lifestyles. I love kimchi, of course. But to be honest, I don’t really know how it’s made. That’s why I’m planning to visit Kimchi Theme Park to find out everything there is to know about kimchi, so why don’t you join me?”
Kimchi Theme Park in Bucheon
Travel Information
Kimchi Theme Park in Bucheon
Address: 1, Gilju-ro, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
Inquiries: +82-70-4251-1212
Business hours: 10:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.
Closed on: Mondays
Fee: Children KRW 10,000 / Adults KRW 20,000 / 2-person Family KRW 20,000 / 3, 4-person Family of KRW 30,000 / Foreigner KRW 7,000
Website: http://blog.naver.com/kimchik1/ (Korean language support)
* Reservation in advance required for the experience (at least one week in advance)
* VISA·MASTER card payment available
http://en.ggtour.or.kr/ggt-attraction/bucheon-kimchi-theme-park/ (English)
http://jp.ggtour.or.kr/ggt-attraction/富川キムチテーマパーク/ (Japanese)
http://cn.ggtour.or.kr/ggt-attraction/金顺子名人泡菜主题公园 (Chinese)
Public Transportation
Subway① (Myeongdong Station -> Kimchi Theme Park │Total of 56 minutes)
Take Line 4 at Myeongdong Station, transfer to Line 1 at Seoul Station (Approx. 4 minutes │ 2 stations)
Take Line 1 at Seoul Station, transfer to Line 7 at Onsu Station (Approx. 31 minutes │ 12 stations)
Get off at Samsan Gymnasium Station Line 7 Exit 5 (Approx. 14 minutes │ 7 stations)
Walk to Kimchi Theme Park (Approx. 7 minutes│Approx. 363m)
*Fare: One-way KRW 1,650
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