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Chi-Ong Arts Center in Gapyeong

Chi-Ong Arts Center in Gapyeong
Parviz’s recommendation – Chi-Ong Arts Center in Gapyeong
“There’s no TV, and the Internet doesn’t work either. You might find sleeping on a blanket on the floor uncomfortable. Taking a walk in the garden, sitting on the pavilion or wooden floor and reading a book, drinking warm tea — that’s just about all that you can do at the Chi-Ong Arts Center, Gapyeong. If you go there, however, you’ll come to understand what true rest is, and your heart will find peace.”
Chi-Ong Arts CenterChi-Ong Arts Center
Travel Information
Chi-Ong Arts Center in Gapyeong
Address: 300, Sumogwon-ro, Sang-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do
Inquiries: +82-31-585-8649, +82-10-9284-8649
Business hours: 10:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
Closed on: Open all year round
Fee: Tea Ceremony- KRW 10,000 / Handkerchief Dyeing- KRW 10,000 / Cotton T-shirt Dyeing- KRW 15,000 / Scarf Dyeing- KRW 30,000 / Making Tofu- KRW 10,000 / Making Rice Cake- KRW 10,000 / Boudoir Handicrafts- KRW 20,000 / Pansori (Epic Chant), Minyo (Folk Song), Samul nori (Traditional Korean Percussion Music)- Inquire at the desk / Traditional Wedding- Inquire at the desk
Hanok Stay- KRW 80,000-130,000 (for 3 people)
Website: http://www.chi-ong.co.kr/ (Korean language support)
* Advance reservation required for experiences
* VISA·MASTER card payment available
http://ggtour.or.kr/blog/accommodation/취옹예술관/ (Korean)
http://en.ggtour.or.kr/ggt-attraction/chi-ong-arts-center/ (English)
http://jp.ggtour.or.kr/ggt-attraction/炊翁芸術館/ (Japanese)
http://cn.ggtour.or.kr/ggt-attraction/炊翁艺术馆/ (Chinese)
Public Transportation
Subway (Myeongdong Station -> Chi-Ong Arts Center │Total of 2 hours 22 minutes)
Take Line 4 at Myeongdong Station, transfer to Line 2 at Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station (Approx. 7 minutes | 2 stations)
Take Line 2 at Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station, transfer to Gyeongeui-Jungang Line at Wangsimni Station (Approx. 9 minutes | 3 stations)
Take Gyeongeui-Jungang Line at Wangsimni Station, transfer to Gyeongchun Line at Sangbong Station (Approx. 21 minutes | 4 stations)
Take Gyeongchun Line at Sangbong Station, get off at Cheongpyeong Station Exit 1 (Approx. 59 minutes | 12 stations)
Walk to Cheongpyeong Terminal Station Bus Stop (44702) (Approx. 9 minutes | Approx. 584m)
Take Bus 31-7, get off at Chi-Ong Arts Center Bus Stop (44208) (Approx. 36 minutes | 19 stops)
Walk to Chi-Ong Arts Center (Approx. 1 minute | Approx. 73m)
*Fare: One-way KRW 2,450
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