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Map of Gyeonggi-do

Enjoy the glittering and fast-moving urban night view below while you walk along the fortress wall. As you look around the market carrying a drink bought at the mall, your shopping bag gets full with the generosity of merchants. The water of the stream is cool and refreshing enough to get rid of all your fatigue and worries. With carefreeness of the original and vitality of the new, here is Gyeonggi-do.

map of Gyeonggi-do

Map of Gyeonggi-do
Name of Place Gyeonggi-do
Location Located at the central west of the Korean peninsula
Size 10,171㎢ (one tenth of the nation)
Administrative District : 31 Cities and Counties
(29si, 2gun)
Population 12,167,575 (23.8% of total Korean population)
※ as of the end of June 2013
Currency Won(₩)
Money Exchange Money exchange is available at commercial banks
(Foreign exchange may not be available depending on the bank.)

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