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Yeonghoewon Royal Tomb of Crown Princess Minhoe

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During the Second Manchu invasion of Korea in 1636, Crown Princess Minhoe and Crown Prince Sohyeon were taken as hostages by the Qing Dynasty. While staying in Shenyang for 9 years, they accumulated great wealth through international trades and farming using their business skills. At that time, Qing was a nomadic tribe, so they did not have knowledge of farming.


Crown Princess Minhoe made profits from farming by mobilizing the Joseon people who were seized as slaves by Qing. When Crown Prince Sohyeon and Crown Princess Minhoe formed friendly relations with the high-ranking officials of Qing and sided with Qing, however, King Injo started to suspect that the Qing Dynasty would enthrone Crown Prince Sohyeon after ousting him. In 1643 (21st year of the reign of King Injo), when Crown Princess Minhoe’s father Gang Seok-gi passed away, Crown Princess Minhoe and Crown Prince Sohyeon visited Joseon for a short time but could not attend the funeral due to the king’s control, so they were forced to return to Qing.


After Crown Prince Sohyeon came back to Joseon, he got mistreated by King Injo by making an issue out of his actions in Qing and suddenly died. After the death of Crown Prince Sohyeon, Crown Princess Minhoe continuously suffered from King Injo’s scheme to kill her, and she was eventually imprisoned. In the same year, as a result of a false accusation made by Lady Jo Soyong who was favored by King Injo, Crown Princess Minhoe was charged with the crime of attempting to poison the king.


In 1646, King Injo forcibly expelled Crown Princess Minhoe and ordered that she be poisoned as a death penalty. Subsequently, her three little sons got exiled to Jejudo Island and died there. Her old mother and four siblings were executed or flogged to death. In 1718 (44th year of the reign of King Sukjong), the charges against her were nullified, and her status as Crown Princess was restored. The spirit of her pragmatism and pursuit of new civilization even as a hostage by the Qing Dynasty are now regarded highly.



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