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Well-being Wild Vegetable Dishes in Yangpyeong

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This restaurant is located within “Sannamul Dumehyanggi,” a wild vegetable theme park. It serves various dishes cooked with wild vegetables and herbs cultivated at the park such as gondeure (thistle), ragwort, Aster scaber, Seseleos radix, and Alpine leek. All the dishes use homemade sauce and no artificial seasoning. Wild Vegetable Bibimbap contains wild vegetables seasoned with stir-fried soybean paste sauce, not with gochujang (chili paste sauce), to provide a richer flavor.


The visual of thick pancake cooked with wild vegetables but using a little amount of wheat flour will amaze many who order the dish. After a meal, visitors can tour a botanical garden as well as Hyu and Gallery Rak , including a platform for crocks of sauces and condiments in a garden-like arrangement, and can walk along the eumgil trail constructed in the mountain where wild vegetables are growing. From the observatory on marugil of eumgil, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of Sannamul Dumehyanggi, Yangpyeong, and Gapyeong area.


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