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Traditional Alcoholic Beverage Research & Development Center (Gapyeong)

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The research center is working very hard for the development of Korean traditional liquor through research and education, valuing Korean traditional liquor and drinking etiquette that has been transmitted over the past 1400 years. Experience programs consist of 2-hour course, 3-hour course, and 2-day 1-night course as well as seminar room and accommodations for a 2-day 1-night club program.


Educational programs

Beginners (Danyangju) – A basic course on the history and theory of Korean traditional liquor, offering theories and practices

Intermediate (Iyangju ) – The course offers contents on the theory and current condition of brewage

Advanced (Samyangju) – In-depth course for professionals

Malt Class – The course uses precious microorganisms in making liquor





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