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The Hand and Malt

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The Hand and Malt has a splendid history; it won the silver medal in the “International Beer Cup 2015” and got chosen as the best Korean brewery in the domestic “Beer Master Club 2015.” As the name implies, The Hand and Malt pursues the best taste of beer with “malt” as raw material and “hand techniques” to handle it. To find tasty and healthy beer, we have been conducting various tests; K-Weisse made with kimchi, Barrel Aged program, and launch of beer that used hops growing in Korea are all firsts in Korea.


We also launched craft beer can, first time, etc. The representative beers are Slow IPA and Apple Cider. Slow IPA is a low-alcohol (4.6 ABV) Indian Pale Ale with deep golden sunset hue and unique blend of floral, citrus, and tropical flavors and aroma. Apple Cider (6.7 ABV) is a fresh fruit wine brewed only with gluten-free natural apples.

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