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Gallery & Museum

Seoho Museum of Modern Art

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This museum of art was opened on May 25, 2001 after 3 years of construction by director Hong Jeong-ju who used to operate Gallery Seoho at the Insadong Junction since 1990. The director wanted to provide a more specialized exhibition space for students who come a long way to see his exhibitions in Insa-dong when he was operating his gallery in Insa-dong, so he opened the Seoho Museum of Art with more specialization compared to the gallery in Insa-dong; he is operating the museum by concentrating on exhibitions rather than commercial exhibitions to sell things.


The museum has a wide beautiful garden and the scenery of Bukhangang River, so it is a popular wedding place for famous celebrities as well as a famous CF filming location. Within the gallery full of sunlight from the big window on the first floor, artworks are arranged leisurely, attracting visitors’ attention. The second floor has a restaurant decorated with European furniture. It provides the Korean sensibility of Insa-dong.


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