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Gallery & Museum

Onam Dinosaur Experience Exhibition Hall

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Being surrounded with a beautiful natural environment, visitors can have various dinosaur experiences and learn about dinosaurs both indoors and outdoors. The place offers experience-oriented programs for family-unit visitors. While personally touching and feeling dinosaur fossils and playing dinosaur name quizzes, children will be able to develop their creativity and imagination. They can also enjoy various package programs such as dinosaur balloon making, clay fossil making, and dinosaur learning books. Among the intricately made life-size dinosaurs, Acrocanthosaurus — a 13m long giant dinosaur — at the outdoor exhibition hall is the most popular dinosaur among children even though it looks scary. Discovering hidden dinosaurs along the forest path, such as “pteranodon” hanging on the tree, “triceratops,” and plant-eating dinosaur with three horns, is the best part about visiting the outdoor exhibition.

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