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Hwarang Recreation Area

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The relaxed city, Ansan, to the southwest of Seoul embraces a beautiful setting of the park and picturesque lake. Visitors who desire comforts and leports will love Hwarang Recreation Area.


The park is a sporting grounds containing a foot volleyball court, a gateball court and a futsal court as well as an inline skating rink and bike path. It’s worth noting that this park is right for your family taking pleasure. There are interesting attractions nearby the lake, the vibrant flowering plants such as cherry blossoms, sunflowers and cosmos.


The lake is full of beautiful lotus flowers and Metasequoia trees especially lead us to walk in the shade. With its spacious park, consists of buildings, outdoor theater and Gyenggi Museum of Modern Art as well as a drive-in movie, provides fine opportunities for a stop on your walking tour. Donwongak is the one to strike a bell on the momentous occsaions.

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