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House of Yeo Gyeong-gu in Jinjeop

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The house was designated as Important Folk Cultural Heritage No. 129 on January 10, 1984. Legend has it that it was built by the 8th ancestor of Yi Deok-seung from the clan of Yeonan Yi, who was the father of Yeo Gyeong-gu’s wife, some 250 years ago. The house is built in the shape of “日” as a whole.


It consists of anchae (women’s quarters), gwangchae (storeroom), sarangchae (men’s quarters), daemunchae (outer servant’s quarters), and barn. As a unique feature of this house, the buildings are not connected. The anchae is located deep inside the house, sitting on the east side in the shape of “丁.” The house shows the typical style of nobility’s house in the Geonggi area. At the front courtyard, the gwangchae is arranged in the shape of “L,” and the “ㅡ” shaped sarangchae is placed on the west. On the west side is the daemunchae built with a high gate. There used to be a barn under the garden, but it is now gone. The sarangchae, daemunchae, and gwangchae have a gambrel roof. There is a shrine on the back side of sarangchae.

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