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Herb Island Pocheon

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Inaugurated at Pocheon on the site area of about 43ha in 1998, the Herb Island is currently operated under the slogan of “Herb in Daily Life” like Mediterranean, the origin of herb.

It is composed of Venezia, the city of water; Un Petit Village, the imitated French farmhouses to experience traditional manufacturing; Herb Museum, the biggest herbal museum in Korea with some 340 species of herbs; Outdoor Garden on 0.33ha; Aromatherapy Center; and other facilities like Herb Restaurant, Herb Cafe, Herb Bakery and Herb Store. In the Herb Island you can see the herb of Mediterranean Sea all year round and savour deep relaxation of body and mind via experiences from fi ve senses. Why don’t you try to make herbal cosmetics, soap, candle and wine in the Herb Island?

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