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Hantangang Geopark

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Hantangang Geopark is Korea’s first geological park formed around the Hantangang, the only volcanic river on the Korean Peninsula. It shows very well the features of volcanic activity and erosion topography, such as deep ravine, basalt columnar joints, lava plateau, falls, and sea caves.


The park is located in the vicinity of Pocheon City and Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do; the area is approximately 290㎢, which may vary depending on the calculation method. The geological and geographical features of Hantangang Geopark include: predominant development of volcanic topography as a result of volcanic activities during the fourth period of the Cenozoic Era; development of granite and basalt erosion topography along the Hantangang; formation of lava plateau from the activity of fissure eruption-type volcano; development of prehistoric culture based on such geographical features; and development and change of the river as a result of volcanic eruption.


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