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Gwangmyeong Resource Recovery Facility

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As a waste disposal facility, Gwangmyeong Resource Recovery Facility was constructed based on independent project and financing in 1995 following the opening of a local government for the first time among local governments. Construction of the facility was commenced with total working budget of 60.2 billion won [including auxiliary expenses such as land procurement] in March 1996 and was completed in December 1999. The site area is 65,939㎡, and the landscape area is 39,471㎡.


The facility has two garbage furnaces, which are continuous combustion-type furnaces, and they can stably process 300t/daily waste from Gwangmyeong City and Guro-gu. The facility can be classified into receiving & feeding facilities, combustion facility, combustion gas cooling facility, and combustion gas processing facility.

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