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Gwangmyeong Dodeoksan Campground

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Gwangmyeong Dodeoksan Campground is located on Dodeoksan Mountain [183.1m] in Haan-dong, Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do. It is a natural park with a total of 42 camping lots.


The campground is constructed to provide a leisure & relaxation space downtown for the citizens of Gwangmyeong. After completing the construction of the camping site in late July 2014, the campground went through a test operation period for one month in August before officially opening in late September.


All camping lots provide electricity; since camping equipment are not leased, however, visitors should bring their own equipment. They cannot accommodate camping cars or caravans. Auxiliary facilities include management office, stores, rest area, pond, public restroom, shower room, wastewater treatment site, cooking area, hiking trail, springwater site, and ecological pond. Nearby tourist sites include Gwangmyeong Cave, Gureumsan Forest Park, Yeonghoewon, Royal Tomb of Crown Princess Minhoe who was a daughter-in-law of King Injo, Head House of civic official Yi Won-ik during King Injo’s reign, Gwangamdang Hall, and Anteo Eco Park.


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