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Goodman Brewery

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Three gentlemen from Britain opened the brewery beside Donggureung (East Nine Royal Tombs) to spread the culture of British craft beer to Korea. You can enjoy not only British-style but also Belgian-style beers. They changed soft-flavored British beer and deep-flavored Belgian beer into Korean style.


Generally, the taste of British- and Belgian-style beers is light for Koreans, so they added crisps to make up for it. Goodman Brewery has 8 kinds of beer. Among them, Pale, Amber, and Black have lower alcohol content than other craft beer, so they are good to drink as aperitifs or daily. There is a barrel room with oak barrels from the French winery. This place represents the good sense of Goodman Brewery founder Cho Hyun-doo who became a brewer while studying about wine. Two kinds of barrel-aged Saison have peppermint, hibiscus, and lemon grass scent added to strike a balance between the oak aroma and light sparkle.

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