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Natural Beauty

Forest of Prenatal Education

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The 5.2km long forest path starts from the main gate of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, goes through the forest trail near Nogobong and larch forest, and to Choburi Forest. Depending on the difficulty level, the path consists of 4 courses: Imdo Garosu-gil Road (2.2km), Lee Sajudang Path (0.5km), Yongin Prenatal Education Forest (0.7km), and Imdo path (1.8km). Along the uphill are a valley and some pavilions offering a fantastic distant scenic view, installed for the convenience of pregnant women. Visitors can also visit the Grave of Lee Sajudang located along the “Lee Sajudang Path.”


Leesajudang: Leesajudang was a confucian scholar and wrote a book on the prenatal care in the late Joseon Dynasty.

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