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Euna Dairy Farm (hands-on experience program)

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The name Euna was derived from the names of the daughters of the ranch owner out of a wish to see his daughters grow as persons with peaceful mind amid peaceful natural surroundings and among animals.


A day at the ranch starts with milking the cows at 5:00 AM. The ranch makes it a rule to make yogurt, cheese, and milk jam with fresh milk. When fermenting cheese and yogurt, freshness has great impact on their quality. Nutrients and enzymes that are good for the body are affected over time.

<Programs provided>

-Dairy experience: Tractor riding; milking cows; feeding baby/adult cows and horses; making ice cream

-Experience of making various cheeses: Making mozzarella/cottage/feta/gouda cheese

-Fun experience of making food with milk: Making milk sausages, low-fat milk and butter, butter cookies, pudding, and pizzas

-Special programs: One night & two days in a ranch; milk story & cooking for adults; bread baking; a day with friends/lover at a ranch


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