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Gallery & Museum

Duk-so Natural History Museum

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An ecological park near Seoul! The museum is an educational site for visitors to learn about the evolution of living organisms and the history of the planet while understanding nature. Based on experts’ consultations, it showcases exhibits by field, such as 5 pieces of genuine dinosaur, 500 items of fossil, 360 items of minerals, 2,200 items of shellfish, 90 items of taxidermied animals, 1200 items of insects, 100 liquid specimens, and 50 items of mammal skeleton collected from some 30 countries over a long period of time.


The museum consists of exhibition halls, research rooms, storage, and material reference room. The permanent exhibition hall is divided into specimen exhibition, descriptions, paintings, and photos according to the theme of fossil, minerals, taxidermied animals, marine seashell, insects, and plants. In particular, the dinosaur exhibition hall has a mobile dinosaur that gives a realistic feel of the Mesozoic Age. The museum holds a special exhibition every year to present its changing appearance to visitors.


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