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Chunghyeon Museum

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Chunghyeon Museum is a family museum that preserves the relics and artifacts of Yi Won-ik, a civic servant during the mid-Joseon Dynasty, and his direct descendants.


The museum was constructed by the Chunghyeon Cultural Foundation established by Yi Won-ik’s 13th grandson and was opened in October 2003.


The museum has several cultural heritage designated by Gyeonggi-do Province: a shrine with the portrait of Yi Won-ik; Gwangamdang, a house offered by King Injo; Site of Chunghyeonseowon Confucian Academy with a signboard bestowed by King Sukjong in 1676; and Head House.

The exhibition hall (Chunghyungwan) exhibits relics and materials related to Yi Won-ik as well as the head family’s folk goods. Other must-sees are Pungyokdae Pavilion, Simsangdae Pavilion, and Tangeumam Rock as well as the graves of Yi Won-ik’s parents, brothers, and uncles.


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