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Cheonbosa Temple

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When you look up Buramsan Mountain from the entrance of Buram-dong, you can see a big rockface on the west side of the peak. This rock mountain, which resembles a Buddha, has a naturally formed Buddhist sanctum, so visitors can sense the sacred energy of the great nature. Since the olden times, many people have visited a temple full of sacred energy. This place is no different. Currently, a Stone Seated Buddha is carved on the rockface behind Cheonbosa Temple.


However, there is another feature that makes Cheonbosa famous: the giant rockface on the back side of the temple resembles an elephant. The smooth curves of the rockface look like three Buddhas standing, with the other part resembling a wild ginseng and the other side looking like a child standing. In addition, a different side looks like the lateral side of a Buddha. Such naturally formed Buddha shape is very rare, so many people visit here and pray and get a lot of inspiration.


Currently, the temple has a Five-story stone pagoda built in the style of the late Joseon period. Such suggests that the temple was probably rebuilt. During the Japanese occupation period, the temple was destroyed. After Korea’s freedom from Japan, monk Donghun rebuilt the temple and established the current foundation. Recently, monk Jihan built the main building, Daeungjeon Hall, and a temple dormitory in 2002. In 2005, a Buddhism college was opened to offer basic teachings of Buddhism.


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