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Bongseonsa Temple

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Bongseonsa Temple with several thousand years’ history is located on Unaksan Mountain — one of Korea’s five major famous mountains — in Gyeonggi-do. It used to be a small temple called Unaksa Temple during the reign of King Jungjong of the Goryeo Dynasty, but Queen Jeonghui of King Sejo, the 7th king of the Joseon Dynasty, rebuilt a bigger temple with 89 rooms to commemorate King Sejo’s great achievements and to protect the king’s tomb and renamed the temple Bongseonsa. Bongseon means serving the late kings’ tombs with great care.


The temple has the Bronze Bell (Treasure No. 397) and Chilseong taenghwa (Buddhist painting) and Dokseong taenghwa, which were moved to their current location when Wonheungsa Temple outside Dongdaemun Gate was demolished in 1902. It also has a five-story pagoda.


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