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Bongnyeongsa Temple Stay-Suwon

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The temple has Sangha University and Geumgang Yulhak Sangha Graduate School, so this temple stay offers Buddhist practices and teachings.


Major programs

Receipt of the 8 commandments of Buddhism, Buddhist service, baru-meal, red clay walking meditation, 108 bowing for self-awakening, Zen meditation, experience of striking the Buddhist bell, experience of striking the Buddhist drum, Buddhist Yoga, temple food experience, sound of life


Receipt of the 8 commandments of Buddhism

The 8 commandments of Buddhism refer to the religious precepts to be followed by Buddhist believers: do not kill living organisms, do not steal, do not commit immoral acts, do not lie, do not drink alcohol, do not enjoy adorning the body, do not enjoy songs and dances, do not lie on a high, big wooden bench, and do not overeat. These 8 commandments are added to the ancient Indians’ custom of not eating food in the afternoon and of eating breakfast only after cleansing the body.


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