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Bamseom Recreation Area

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The recreation area is located on an island spanning an area of 58,000m2 in the vicinity of Naegak-ri, Jinjeon-eup, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do. Bamseom is a river island formed by the increased activity of deposition and decreased water speed of the river. It is famous for Taegeukjeong Pavilion, which was used by Joseon scholar Yi Dan-sang after retiring from his official position, as well as for the beautiful scenic view of the pond within the pavilion.


Since the park has thick forest and wide grass near Wangsukcheon Stream, it is perfect for picnics and vacations. It also has sports and leisure equipment, so visitors can enjoy various sports such as archery, table tennis, soccer, volleyball, and boating. Don’t forget to visit nearby village Yangji-ri to see the old pine tree designated as a natural monument as well as a juniper tree.

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