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The name “Versi” carries the meaning “friend (beot in Korean)” to imply the significance of friends. Since it is written as “versi” in English, it suggests “Diversity” as the key word.


“Art brut” means “unsophisticated, primitive, pure art.” It was defined in 1945 by French artist Jean Dubuffet to describe people working outside the influences of an established art arena. In addition, Art brut refers to artworks created by people without any specific purposes or awareness about their art activities, so such artworks are not limited by themes, subjects, or materials compared to artworks belonging to a specific field of the art arena.


They may look illogical and informative in terms of expression or description methods. Art Museum Versi houses exhibition wards, artists’ wards, and auxiliary facilities. In particular, the museum is designed in such a way as to provide convenience for the disabled and elderly in appreciating artworks by adopting the “Barrier-Free” concept.

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