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Anyang Arts Center

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Anyang Arts Center

Located in Manan-gu, Anyang-si, the Anyang Arts Center is a culture and art space equipped with a variety of performance and exhibition facilities. Built in December 1989, the center comprises a large theater (1,428 seats), small theater (527 seats), Convention Hall (approx. 578m2), and an exhibition hall (approx. 314m2) based in three upper floors and one underground floor. The performance theaters hold diverse culture and art events including drama, music, dance, and film as well as academic gatherings, while the Outdoor Amphitheater (660m2) organizes film screenings and gugak (traditional Korean music) performances. Since June 2006, the Anyang Branch of the Federation of Artistic & Cultural Organizations of Korea, the Anyang City Children’s Chorus, the Kowins Art Company, and the Anyang Branch of the Korean Traditional Music Association have been based at the Anyang Arts Center.

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