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Amazing Park (Pocheon)

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The Amazing Park, located in a deep forest of Pocheon, is a science playground where visitors can understand and explore the principle of science as they personally see, touch, and feel. The park is divided into Nature Zone and Science Zone. The Nature Zone consists of various peculiar bridges such as SuspensionBridge, Hidden Bridge, Airing Road, and Winding Road, whereas the Science Zone has various giant engineering installations such as the Amazing Park Science Hall, Amazing Swing, Large Fountain, Pendulum Pump, and Solar System.

<Science Zone>

Amazing Park Science Hall – A learning space where visitors can personally experience some 200 engineering installations.

Amazing Swing – A swing moves left to right while avoiding water jets falling from the 105 valves installed above the 4.5 high, 1m wide, and 5m long facility.

Large Fountain – The 23m large fountain is made by using the fundamental principle of engineering apparatus (approx. 32,000kg).

Solar System – The pendulum pump delivers hydro energy to the large waterwheel and turns the solar system connected to a total of 83 toothed wheels.

<Nature Zone>

Suspension Bridge – The 130m arch-shaped bridge provides an experience similar to walking on the sky.

Hidden Bridge – While walking on the bridge connected between trees, forming a 300m-long skyway in the forest, visitors can get phytoncide’s healing energy emitted from the nut pine tree forest.

Airing Road – The walking course in the pine nut tree forest consists of a total of 570 stairs and has a lucky bell at the peak.

Winding Road – After walking up the Airing Road, visitors can hit the lucky bell and pray for their wishes. 


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