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Woongjin Playdoci

In the theme park you can enjoy diverse leisure sports in all seasons. Snowdoci, the 12th indoor skiing ground in the world, allows you to enjoy skiing and boarding even in summer. Its world-level indoor slope will afford you the pleasure of winter sports. Golfdoci, the golf exercise site with the longest distance and most driving ranges in Korea, is popular for its diverse golf training programs and high-end facilities provided at a reasonable price. After using water sliding, various pools, water park with peculiar and exotic spa and fitness with specialized trainer, you can look around shopping district.

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Woongjin Playdoci Information
Location Bucheon
Address #572-1, Sang-dong, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon
TEL 82-1577-5773
Homepage http://www.playdoci.com/eng/Index.aspx


Woongjin Playdoci is a theme park where everyone can enjoy leports (leisure +sports) aseasonally. The world’s 12th indoor ski field can be enjoyed and its quality has been approved in the world. Furthermore, Korea’s the longest and the largest number of golf facility in the driving range is very famous for offering reasonable prices and varied golf teaching programs within the state of art facilities. Additionally, water sliding, various kinds of pools and the unique spa, fitness club where personal trainers are on standby and the shopping facilities will also satisfy you.

• Facilities
Ski & Snow Board Snowdoci is a colossal indoor ski field where you can enjoy skiing and snow-boarding in all seasons. Its slope of a length of 270m and width of 70m provides a relaxing atmosphere as it has the artificial snow for 4 times a day. You may learn skiing and snow-boarding from experts attending the class with 270 trainees. Sledding Snow tubing is an amenity for novice who cannot ski but wants to enjoy thrilling and speedy moments. The snow sled is full of soft snow at all times and a massive tube is to be riden on the snow. You can have fun without any training.

Hours & Admission

Division Hours Admission
Adult Child
Waterpark & Spa 10:00~21:00 ₩45,000 ₩39,000
Ski 09:30~23:00 Morning + Afternoon ₩37,000 ₩27,000
Afternoon + Evening ₩41,000 ₩31,000
Sledding 09:30~16:00 Morning + Afternoon ₩12,000
Afternoon + Evening ₩12,000
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