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Skin Anniversary Beauty Town

Skinanniversary Beauty Town guarantees your satisfactory travel by providing experience of Korean beauty culture at reasonable price. As the largest scale in Korea, the Beauty Town has a system
that accommodates 2,000 at a time, providing the best service minimizing the moving line of tourist. Operated in reservation system, the beauty experience program of Beauty Town will impress you with its customized skin care. Why don’t you come to Skinanniversary Beauty Town where you can enjoy Korean massage famous for skin care of face, free make-up like the hallyu stars, 3-dimension trick art, experience in diverse foods and various beauty tours?

  • Skin Anniversary Beauty Town
Skin Anniversary Beauty Town Information
Location Paju
Address #508-1, Munbal-eup, Gyoha-eup, Paju
TEL 82-31-955-1688
Homepage http://www.skinanniversary.com/en/


In the immense esthetic zone that has 10 skin care rooms with capable to care 300 customers simultaneously, you may be informed by broadcast in your mother tongue.
The skin care performed by Korean experts is composed of programs for each course (for male, female and children)

Aesthetic Course
Course Time Process
A 35~40 min Skin check → Cleansing → Deep cleansing → Facial skin care → Spread highenriched ample → Sheet mask pack → Hand washing and moisture care → Finish
B 60 min Skin check → Cleansing → Deep cleansing → First moisture pack → Bloodcirculation care (neck, back, shoulder massage) → Facial skin care → Second modelling mask pack → Finish
C 120 min. Skin check → Cleansing → Deep cleansing → Back care → Calves and feet care → Hand care → Facial skin care → First moisture pack → Second modelling mask pack → Finish

Welcome to the Skinanniversary ‘semi buffet’!!
Here, mix and match the ingredients for your own Bibimbap, a food with various vegetables! At a reasonable price, you can taste one of the most beloved Korean dishes.

Teddy Bear & Trick Art Galleries
Look around the Teddy Bear Gallery and take for Family! pictures of cute teddy bears that depict Rain, Kara, Girls’ Generation and Big Bang. They are available.
In the lobby on the first floor you can meet 12 trick arts. Take a pose with your companions to make unforgettable memories.

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