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Scenic Beauty Ueumdo in Hwaseong with endless reed field


A photo of a couple that puts forehead together and smiles and 'My own wedding photo at the hidden haven of Gyeonggi-do, Ueumdo in Hwaseong with endless reed field' written on it.

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My own wedding photo at the hidden haven of Gyeonggi-do, Ueumdo in Hwaseong with endless reed field

Ueumdo, which was already a popular place for photographers but wasn't known much by general people, became famous as the best place for couples who are preparing to take wedding selfies with the trend of self-wedding in Korea. Introducing Ueumdo, a place not far from Seoul but gives an air like Jejudo Island, the land farthest from Seoul.

Left: a couple is sitting back to back on the wooden chair in the reed field. / Right: A side view of a heart-shaped reed field among the huge reed field.

Information on Ueumdo 

-Address: Ueumdo, Gojeong-ri, Songsan-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do

-Inquiries: +82-31-357-3951

-Opening Hours: 9:00-17:00

-Closed on: Mondays

-Admission: Free

-Parking Information: Parking lot available at the visitor center of the Fossil Site of Dinosaur Eggs

*Entry to the trail not possible on rainy days

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Wedding Selfie Point l. Taking wedding photos just for two in the vast spectacle

Ueumdo, which was originally an island, can now be reached by car since it became land due to reclaimed land development for Sihwaho Lake. Since the two-lane road to Ueumdo is wide open, you can enjoy your driving feeling refreshed. If you see any good place while driving through, park the car for a moment on the side and go into the reed forest to begin taking wedding selfies. Once you step into Ueumdo, you will be overwhelmed by the wide space that didn’t look so wide from the road. Since it’s so wide, all places look the same no matter how deep you go. Thanks to this, you can take photos only for you two at ease even during weekends with many people.

A couple standing together among the reed fields on a beautiful white weeding dress and suits. 


Wedding Selfie Point 2. Hidden haven that goes well with the vintage concept

Ueumdo is so wide with many similar places, so you have to do some legwork if you want to take photos that are different from others. Before the uphill to Songsan Green City Observatory, there is a space on the left for parking three or four cars. Park the car there and go into the bush where not many people have gone in yet. If you go in for about 10 more minutes, you’ll see a low and wide rock hill that looks like an alien planet. It’s a rock hill full of desolation that might not seem to go well with a wedding photo, but don’t hesitate to take photos here with various poses. You’ll be able to get photos with vintage and unique feel.

A romantic photo of a kissing couple sitting on the rocks  

Wedding Selfie Point 3. Romantic date along the deck road in the reed forest

Apart from the rock hill, a place in Ueumdo recommended for taking photos with a unique background is the trail of Fossil Site of Dinosaur Eggs at the entrance of Ueumdo. The well-maintained trail and dinosaur installations here are one of the few things with human traces in the grand field of endless reed. Change into more casual and convenient clothes and take photos on the deck road, which has a modern feel like a couple who went out for a walk. A flower crown for the bride and a boutonniere on the groom’s chest will be enough to indicate a wedding photo. The unusual wedding selfie will produce a freshness that is different from photos in dress and suit.

A couple sitting on the wooden chair among the reed field holidng hands together and seeing each other.  


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It item – Wedding selfie picket
Pickets with initials, date of marriage, and phrases of proposal for the couple are props for making the wedding selfies more fruitful and fun. They’re easy to make as well, since all you have to do is print out the phrases using your printer at home and paste them on thick paper. The cute phrases “Marry me?” “Yes!” on the pickets will make even the people who are passing by smile.

A man proposing to his lover with the picket of phrase " Marry me?"

Must see – Songsan Green City Observatory
At the very end of the two-lane road in Ueumdo is Songsan Green City Observatory. It is an observatory for enjoying the view around Sihwaho Lake at 100m above sea level and is a place for promoting Songsan Green City, the largest new city project in the metropolitan area. Enjoy a wide-open view at the 5-story observatory that can be accessed at once using the elevator.

A photo of a couple that a woman is kissing on his cheek on the 5-story observatory.


Must try – Lifting the bride
If you want to take a photo of you two with natural smiles, gazing at one another, have the groom lift the bride. The moment the groom lifts the bride on the count of three, both of you will burst out laughing at the same time. Remember — the photo will have a more romantic air the closer your faces are.

A photo of a couple that a man is holding up a woman among the reed field.

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Hwaseong Fossil Site of Dinosaur Eggs ‒ Eoseom Airfield ‒ Gungpyeonghang Port


Fossil Site of Dinosaur Eggs
An open view of  Fossil Site of Dinosaur Eggs among the greed field.

The place where dinosaur egg fossils were discovered around islands consisting of sedimentary rocks at the southern reclaimed land of Sihwaho Lake. It is a cultural tourist resource with historical and natural values and is visited by many people.

-Address: 659, Gongnyong-ro, Songsan-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do

-Inquiries: +82-31-357-3951

-Opening Hours: 9:00-17:00 / 10:00-17:00 (Winter season)

-Closed on: Mondays, January 1, Lunar New Year’s Day, and Chuseok Holiday

-Admission: Free

-Website: dinopia.hscity.go.kr

* Entry to the trail not possible on rainy days


Eoseom Airfield
A photo view of the old light airplanes in Eoseom Airfield among the reed field.  

An airfield for light airplanes that now became more popular as a photo zone. A reed field unfolds next to worn-out airplanes on the vast field.

-Address: Gopo-ri, Songsan-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do

-Inquiries: +82-31-357-2147

*Visit after checking in advance.

Gungpyeonghang Port
An open view of  the Gungpyeonghang Port with a few blue boats at lower tide.


The port with the longest breakwater in Gyeonggi-do. There is a bower at the end of the breakwater, a good place for enjoying the sunset with fishing boats passing by.

-Address: 1049-24, Gungpyeonghang-ro, Seosin-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do

-Inquiries: +82-1577-4200 (Hwaseong City Hall), +82-31-356-7339 (Hwaseong Gungpyeong-ri Village)

[Transportation for Linked Course]
Ueumdo ‒ Fossil Site of Dinosaur Eggs ‒ Eoseom Airfield ‒ Gungpyeonghang Port

Ueumdo -> Fossil Site of Dinosaur Eggs

Take a taxi to visitor center of Fossil Site of Dinosaur Eggs (approx. 3.3km | approx. 5 minutes)


Fossil Site of Dinosaur Eggs -> Eoseom Airfield

Take a taxi to Eoseom airfield (approx. 15.6km | approx. 25 minutes)


Eoseom Airfield -> Gungpyeonghang Port

Take a taxi to Gungpyeonghang Port (approx. 22km | approx. 38 minutes)