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Scenic Beauty Gupo-dong Catholic Church in Anseong with 100 years’ history


A photo of a couple looking each other in front of the Gupo-dong catholic church, 'Unique Catholic Church built in Western style on Hanok framework, Gupo-dong Catholic Church in Anseong with 100 years’ history' written on it.

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Unique Catholic Church built in Western style on Hanok framework, Gupo-dong Catholic Church in Anseong with 100 years’ history

A Catholic Church, which inspires sanctity and holiness just by looking at it, is a place that fits best with weddings. While Anseong Gupo-dong Catholic Church is not yet well-known among people, it is an impressive place with unique architectural style of Western style on Hanok(a traditional Korean house) framework. Let’s go take wedding selfies here at the church, which boasts of cultural values by being designated as Gyeonggi-do Monument No. 82.

Left: A couple is kissing on the stairs of the Gupo-dong catholic church. / Right: A side view of the Gupo-dong catholic church

Information on Gupo-dong Catholic Church in Anseong

-Address: 33, Hyesan-ro, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do

-Inquiries: +82-31-672-0701

-Opening Hours: 9:00 -18:00

-Closed on: Open all year round

*You may not enter the old church, which is designated as Gyeonggi-do Monument No. 82.

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Wedding Selfie Point 1. Feeling like going back to 100 years’ past

Inside chaotic apartment complexes that make you think, “Would there be such an old catholic church in a place like this?” Gupo-dong Catholic Church stands alone, making you feel as if you went back to the past by riding a time machine. Once you enter the church site, you’ll be immersed in the quiet and calm air that will make you forget about the apartment complexes in the back. Take wedding selfies here at Gupo-dong Catholic Church, which boasts of 100 years’ history by being built in the early 1900s, with the theme of the Korean enlightenment period. Black-and-white photos with a little awkward pose will go well, so try it if you want something unique.

A couple standing in front of the side wall of Gupo-dong Catholic Church holding hands together.  

Wedding Selfie Point 2. Wonder from the harmony of Korean and Western styles

Go past the front side, which doesn’t look much different from other Catholic churches at a glance, to the side, and you’ll see a scene that you wouldn’t have imagined. You really thought it was a Western-style Catholic church, but now you see a scene like an old Korean palace or a Hanok village. This is because the Gupo-dong Catholic Church is one of the few remaining Hanok Catholic churches that blended Korean and Western styles by using Hanok materials, such as wooden pillars, rafters, and roof tiles. Take photos by slowly looking around the building at its side and the back, which shows the unique splendor of Hanok. You’ll be able to feel the essence of this cathedral from the beautiful harmony of Hanok and Western bell tower that you haven’t seen anywhere else.

A man is hugging a woman from her back in front of the corner of the Gupo-dong Catholic Church. 

Wedding Selfie Point 3. Petite but splendid walking trail and stone wall

In the garden that surrounds the grand Catholic church is a pretty trail that reminds one of a small forest trail. This road is actually the “road of the cross” for giving prayers by thinking about the pain of Jesus who died on the cross. Even if you’re not Catholic, it’ll be good to go around the church with the mood of deep contemplation. The scene is at its most spectacular in autumn when it turns into a more beautiful space with the falling leaves and autumn foliage. The site of the Catholic church is distinguished from the outside by the gentle stone wall. The old tree that rises high with the stone wall is a good background for wedding selfies as well. Take wedding photos with a typical pose by looking at one another with the tree in between or by leaning on the stone wall.

A couple on weding clothes is standing on the yellow fallen leaves with the traditional walls of the church in the background.  

It item – Couple ring
A prop for a wedding selfie that can be prepared with ease is a ring, a major symbol of marriage. All the photos by stacking hands or locking fingers together to show the couple ring in order to feel the eternity of your love, or by simply overlapping the rings with a bouquet next to them are cool enough.

A photo of the hands of a couple with rings on them.


Must see – Centennial Catholic Church and logos tower
On the left side of the main church is a church in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Anseong Catholic Church. Currently, almost of all Masses are held here. The desolate appearance of the exposed concrete blends well with the church unexpectedly. The large tower on the right side was built in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Catholicism in the Anseong region. It is buried with a time capsule that is to be opened in 2100, the 200th anniversary of the Catholic Church.

A side view of the Gupo-dong Catholic Church.


Must try – Wedding car
Decorating the wedding car, which lights the road to honeymoon, comes from the tradition of decorating the car with flowers to wish for safety and fortune. If you plan to decorate the wedding car for your actual wedding, do so by preparing props beforehand. Since you’ll be too busy to take photos with the wedding car on the day of the wedding ceremony, take photos with it on the day when you take wedding selfies.

A couple stands holidng hands together next to their wedding car parked in front of the church.

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Winter season (December-February) 09:00-17:00

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[Transportation for Linked Course]
Gupo-dong Catholic Church ‒ Chiljangsa Temple ‒ Geumgwang Lake ‒ Anseong Farmland  

① Gupo-dong Catholic Church -> Chiljangsa Temple

Take a taxi to Chiljangsa (approx. 24km | approx.35 minutes)


Chiljangsa Temple -> Geumgwang Lake

Take a taxi to Geumgwang Lake (approx. 22.3km | approx. 25 minutes)


Geumgwang Lake -> Anseong Farmland

Take a taxi to Anseong Farmland (approx. 17km | approx. 20 minutes)