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Natural Beauty Yuldong Park


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    (Yul-dong) 145, Munjeong-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si

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    +82-31-702-8713 (Information on Bungee Jump: +82-31-704-6266, Book Theme Park: +82-31-708-3588)

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Yuldong Park

Yuldong Park is a space for citizens to enjoy the beauty of nature along with the serene reservoir. Around the Bundang reservoir, which is as big as 132,231.4 m2, are small walking and bicycling paths as well as a 45m-high bungee jump tower inside the park, attracting many visitors. In addition, the outdoor exhibition of sculptures and a book theme park are citizens' popular weekend tour sites since they can enjoy an art culture amid nature.