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Soekkol Village1
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    420-3, Geumgok-ri, Beobwon-eup, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

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Soekkol Village is a compound farm near DMZ (demilitarized zone) in Geumgok-ri, Paju City. The village was called “Soekkol” in the olden times because it was well-known as a valley full of cattle grass, so the name of the farm reflects the old name. Currently, the farm is not registered as a tourism farm, but it is operating a weekend farm, a pear harvest experience event, and a botanical garden as well as outdoor and indoor exhibition markets.

Since it is equipped with a natural experience learning site, many family-unit visitors come to the farm during weekends. The farm is offering accommodations and meal services as well.

Spring - Loach catching experience, making herb plots, rafting, farming tool experience, animal feeding, pounding with a rice cake mallet, and tuho (throwing stick) game

Summer - Rafting, campfire, sand play, waterplay, natural dye experience

Autumn – Pear harvest, herb field trip, rafting, farming tool experience, threshing machine experience, Dorikke experience

Winter – Snow sledding, herb field trip, ice skating, candle making, ice fishing

Left: lots of people enjoying summer vacations at the huge pavilion. / Right: an open view of a campground of Soekkol Village